Our Exquisite Nail Menu

Not only does the perfect polish help complete a look, the relaxation you experience during your visit will help ease the stress of every day life. We offer the perfect nail service to meet your needs. From a quick polish change before date night, the durability of gel and acrylic nails, or taking the time to pamper your hands with our spa manicure, there’s an option that will work best for your schedule and lifestyle.

Pedicures, Manicures & Sets 
Classic Pedicure$25
Classic Manicure$15
French Manicure$18
French Pedicure$33
Luscious Spa Manicure$25
Luscious Spa Pedicure$40
A' la Gel Polish Manicure$30
Hard Gel Set$45
Divine Pink & White Hard Gel Set$60
Classic Acrylic Set$35
Divine Pink & White Acrylic Set$45
Classic Acrylic Fill$22
Hard Gel Fill$28
Divine Pink & White Acrylic Fill$35
Just the Pink Fill$25
Additional Nail Services 
Polish Change$8
Toe Polish Change$10
Nail Repair$2
Nail Design$2
Nail Jewel$2
Nail Stamping$3
Toenail Design$5
Nail Feathering$3
Nail Marbling$3
Nail Charms$5
Bling Glitter$2
Mani/Pedi Combo 
Bliss Mani/Pedi Combo$60
Service consists of your choice of our Flavored” Mani/Pedi which includes: Scrub, Clay Mask, Callus Removal, Hot Towel Wrap & Intense Hot Stone Massage.

Select one of the Bliss choices described below.

Bliss Mani/Pedi Combo Choices

Don’t Wine; Unwind
Relax with this essential oil infused treatment. Grape seed oil detoxifies your hands and feet, leaving you refreshed and renewed. Sip on a complimentary glass of wine.

Kick off your Heels
While your hands & feet a treated with pomegranate infused scrub, sip on a cosmopolitan drink. This treatment is loaded with vitamin C for maximizing, moisturizing properties.

Mudslide Mania
Indulge in a “guilt free” chocolate, sugar scrub followed by a warm, volcanic clay mask for your hands and feet. This  anti-oxidant treatment will send your mind & body into a euphoric coma. Enjoy this while sipping on a complimentary delicious, mudslide drink.

Pina Colada Paradise
Drift away into a tropical paradise, with this treatment. Spiked with the aroma’s of coconut, mango, and pineapple, your mind & body will think  your on a vacation.  Enjoy our complimentary, pina colada drink with an umbrella.